Maintenance Work

Maintenance Work

The main activity of Servocontrol is the maintenance of HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) in public and industrial buildings throughout Latvia. Routine and timely service provides a cost-effective and continuous operation of the system.
Regularity and maintenance costs depend on the specifics of the object, quantity of equipment and customer’s wishes.
The maintenance regulations set maintenance intervals, volume, costs and response time of our service. If in the course of service the damage has been ascertained, specialists of our service will make estimates for its prevention and agree with you the work time to implement the extraordinary repair.
Our service specialists provide emergency service 24 hours a day, ensuring flawless operation of climate control systems. If necessary, our specialists can provide professional advice in accordance with your requirements.



Maintenance of Ventilation Systems

Many people underestimate the importance of the maintenance of ventilation systems. Wrongfully. Even a well designed and installed system needs regular maintenance. This will help you to avoid operating problems such as failure and subsequent repair of costly equipment, emergency situations of failure in the air handling units, violation of health standards, fall of efficiency of ventilation, conflicts with customers, as well as dissatisfaction of working staff and visitors.
Service maintenance includes a variety of activities. They can be divided into the following groups: diagnostics, maintenance, cleaning and disinfection, repair.
Diagnostics of ventilation systems includes a general inspection of the system with regard to its technical condition, testing the operation of fans, mixing assemblies, electric circuits, automation. Measurement of parameters such as temperature and humidity. Compliance of system work with manufacturer’s operation requirements. According to the results of these inspections, further maintenance can be planned.
Service includes the following works:
• Inspection and cleaning of air handling unit housing.
• Replacement of filter elements.
• Inspection of the condition of motors, wiring, fasteners.
• Inspection of the heat exchanger, heater, cooler, as well as mixing assemblies.
• Control of system tightness.
• Preparation of air handling unit for the winter or summer.
• Testing of measuring instruments and automation systems.
• Adjusting of air distribution with valves and diffusers.

Cleaning and disinfection of air ducts, diffusers, distributive lattices and air handling units are important not only from an aesthetic point of view. These works directly affect both indoor air quality and the efficiency of the ventilation system. Such events are especially important in premises with regular air pollutants, such as in the workplace.
Repair works can be divided into routine, usually small ones like the elimination of minor defects in the system and the replacement of worn parts, and large ones, usually unplanned, associated with the failure of an assembly or mechanism of air handling equipment. Major repairs often involve removal and replacement of the relevant parts of the unit. As mentioned, regular maintenance can prevent serious malfunction of equipment and subsequent costly repairs.


Maintenance of air conditioning systems

Service maintenance of air conditioners (split systems) includes the following works:
Indoor unit
• Detailed inspection of block operation in all modes
• Inspection of freon pipes
• Cleaning the filters
• Cleaning the housing, fan, evaporator
• Washing and disinfection of the evaporator and drainage system
• Inspection of electrical connections
• Checking the temperature indicators

Outdoor unit
• Cleaning the housing and condenser
• Checking the compressor, TRV and condenser fan
• Inspection of freon pipes
• Cleaning the fan and condenser
• Checking the refrigerant pressure and, if necessary, refilling
• Inspection of electrical connections

Technical maintenance of the conditioner should be conducted at least 2 times a year (usually in spring and autumn) for the following reasons:
• Refrigerant pressure drop due to unavoidable leakage negatively affects the system performance.
• Clogged filters, evaporator and condenser prevent the normal functioning of the air conditioner, as well as reduce its service life.
• Disease-causing microbes can accumulate on the filter and in the drainage system.

Regular service maintenance helps to extend the service life of the air conditioner and reduces repair work to a minimum.


Maintenance of heating systems:

Servicing for the heating system should be carried out 2 times a year, before and after heating season. This may include the following items:
• Inspection of condition of pumps, valves, filters and other parts of the system.
• Checking the tightness of pipes and radiators.
• Inspection of electrical connections, measuring instruments and automation.
• Preparing the system to the summer or winter period.
• Replacement or repair of defective assemblies and mechanisms.
• Washing of heat exchangers and cleaning of radiators.

Also, the type of the performed work depends on the heating system design. Sources of heat can be heat pumps, gas or wood-fired boilers, electric heaters.
Professional technical maintenance will help to prolong the service life of the heating system and avoid accidents.


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